Pro setting is hard

This video shows how little clearance there is at the Pro setting

when you receive the PFP 2.0

Set-up Instructions - Understanding the Bridge.  This is very important please watch.  The bridge is very important to keep the PFP 2.0 within tolerance, when not being used.

PFP 2.0

New 2017

The putter and the ball sits on the putting surface not on plastic or other artificial materials. You need to practice on the material you play on. THE GREEN !!!!!!

Indoor/Outdoor tees

Quick set-up, drop it and go.   Customize your setting as your performance improves.  Three settings to challenge yourself.

Gets you ready to play in 2 min.

This is a diagnostic tool that provides immediate feedback.  Once you successfully make it through the PFP 2.0 three times in a row from three feet, you know you are squared up and ready to tee off.   

putting fork pro 2.0

more videos   comming soon!!!

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